Ammo By Mig - #7500 Flesh Tones Oilbrusher Set

Ammo By Mig - #7500 Flesh Tones Oilbrusher Set
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Model:  AMIG7500
Brand:  Ammo By Mig Jimenez



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Ammo By Mig Jimenez - Flesh Tones Oilbrusher Set  #7500

This unique range of Oilbrusher painting and weathering sets offers the convenience and accuracy that you expect from AMMO by Mig Jimenez. Each set contains the correct 3 tones for each task, making the choice of colors simple.

Oilbrusher is the innovative oil paint with built-in applicator brush; this unique and innovative AMMO feature ends the need to clean up messy oils after each use. The modern container also includes the dispenser–cleaner system which removes access paint from the brush. This revolutionary design saves both product and cost, while offering a clean and simple to use alternative to traditional oils which are both expensive and inconvenient.

Oilbrushers are specifically formulated for modeling use. This means that your oils are diluted to the perfect consistency to be applied directly onto your model for a glaze free finish. No longer do you need to place the oil paint onto a pallet or piece of carboard when painting, eliminating time waisted preparing and cleaning.

This set includes:

A.MIG-3518 Sunny Flesh

A.MIG-3519 Light Flesh

A.MIG-3520 Basic Flesh

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