Sparmax - Silver Bullet Moisture Trap

Sparmax - Silver Bullet Moisture Trap
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Sparmax - Silver Bullet Moisture Trap

The Sparmax Silver Bullet Moisture Trap is the airbrush's elegant solution to wet and dirty air. The air compressor that powers your airbrush can condense the air's natural humidity into water. Sparmax Silver Bullet removes this water before it reaches your airbrush. Drier, cleaner air guaranteed.

Effective: Full-size 5-micron filter.

Easy to use: The collected moisture can be easily drained by pressing the spring-loaded drain valve.

Ergonomic: Lightweight. Comfortable grip - when attached below the airbrush.

The filter has a 1/8 BSP female outlet, which fits straight onto all Iwata airbrushes and Sparmax airbrushes with a 1/8 BSP male inlet, which fits all Iwata hoses.

The Sparmax Silver Bullet Plus is now available which combines the moisture filtering effect with a built in bleed valve, creating a multi-functional add-on offering greater control at your fingertips in an ergonomic and compact design.

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