Wilder - #TS1 Block Sander

Wilder - #TS1 Block Sander
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Model:  W-TS-1
Brand:  Wilder



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Wilder - Block Sander

ideal for removing seams as well as shaping, sanding and polishing surfaces. This sanding block is great for sanding both flat and round surfaces.

It contains four different grades of sandpaper starting from coarse (no. 3) to very fine (no. 0). When large amounts of material need to be removed quickly, one would start with sandpaper no. 3. After this grade, use sandpaper no. 2 then no. 1 finishing with no. 0 to polish the substrate smooth. Whichever number you begin with, do not skip a step as this will not result in a perfect finish. After sanding remove the film or dust from the sander using soap and water, and once dry, degrease and then finish with a tack cloth prior to painting.